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Vibhuti Tripathi

Industrial Design



4 Years




30 Mins




I am an industrial designer with specialisation in ceramic and glass design from National Institute of Design (NID). I have worked with various companies like Borosil and Titan Company Ltd and have been an apprentice under Prajakta Rohekar founder of January One Studio. 

Working at Titan for the past 4 years have exposed me to various companies and across categories such as Swarovski, Preciosa, Tanishq etc. 

Currently I am a product designer working with the Brands Raga, Titan ladies and Zoop. It has given me a lot of exposure into how we can make a wholesome product keeping all aspects of design, marketing and sales in mind. 

I am an enthusiast of material innovation, curating campaigns and stories for brand to work on the new collections. I have been exposed to different materials and I love to explore newer ways on collaborating and purposing them.

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